President's Message

By:  Jim Wickham CMB, 2018 MMLA President

Watch Jim's President's speech here:

I want to first compliment and thank Don Precour. His effort, perspective, and enthusiasm has made us a better association – job well done.

I want to also extend my gratitude for the incoming board. Don, Todd Potter, and I have already had a very productive year together, very quickly finding a good balance with each other - leveraging individual strengths while hopefully hiding weaknesses. I welcome Denya Macaluso to our officer’s team as 2018 Secretary Treasurer. Welcome back to Pava Leyrer, all her years serving the broker association has been great perspective that makes us better. This year we also welcome Ryan Evans to the State Board. His ongoing support of the association as well as his perspective as a vendor will also make us better. Add to this group our amazing chapter Presidents with Katrina Cole, Lisa Haun, and Kirk King – we have a well-balanced team. Of course, none of this happens without Joanne Misuraca and Trinity Lancione! All with different backgrounds and expertise. All ready to put forth the time and effort needed to earn your participation in, and support of, the Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association.

I want to again remind all of you that we have revised our approach to sponsorships. Historically we have asked many to sponsor events individually throughout the course of the year. It is a daunting task for those putting the events together, and it is not that efficient for many of you who routinely support our events. We have come up with several sponsorship options that cover several events, combined with either state or chapter sponsorships. We have a simple request, make your sponsorship commitment for the year in advance! A commitment for the year that will cover all the events that you value having your company represent. The details and options on this are available at the MMLA website, we have included a few samples on how you can select the combination of events and/or chapters you wish to sponsor.

Historically, on an annual basis we elect state board members that over a few years of commitment make their way into the Presidents role. Traditionally the year one fills that chair they have a specific agenda or commitment made to influence our association. As Don stated we started a multiyear process that Marc, Don, and I were all committed to. During the past year of Don’s Presidency, we put much of the work we identified under Marc’s tenure into motion. But as most of us know and have lived, what sounds great in the conference room does not always play out in real life. With that in mind, we will spend the next 12 months focused on finishing this renovation plan started in 2016. We will get back to our traditional path with Todd Potter in 2019, by my priority for the next 12 months is to simply finish what we started!

Serving the association takes a commitment, and like most commitments requires a fair amount of both time and effort. I would like to thank my Partners at Union Home, along with my family for all their support. I would not be able to participate in our great association to this degree without that support.


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