President's Message

By:  Don Precour, 2017 MMLA President

It is an honor to be your next President of the Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association (MMLA), but before I go on, I would like to thank all the previous presidents for their time and dedication to this association.

I have been involved in the association for 7 years and I appreciate everyone’s efforts in volunteering on the various committees, at conferences and education/social events. I have enjoyed building new relationships and reuniting with old friends. The MMLA is an association of members who really believe in maintaining the integrity of the mortgage industry. I was first introduced to the MMLA by a peer and I would like to give a personal shout out to Allison Johnston, CMB, for getting me more involved in the association by starting me on the board. I was limited on time in participating in all the events we offer, but as time went on I understood the importance to be involved and encouraged others to do the same.  

I have been in my new role for just under a year, as Group Sales Manager for Fifth Third Bank, which has created additional responsibilities and time, but I am committed to be a very active President and excited to have a very engaged board to assist me throughout the year.

As Marc Reneau has stated many times, we are in a transition in moving the MMLA forward as we developed a Strategic Plan with the assistance of many members including a consultant. A special thanks to Marc for his leadership in driving the awareness and development of our strategic plan. The board has reviewed the by-laws and has made adjustments which were needed and long overdue. Our Strategic Plan is to take the MMLA forward as our Mission States the following:

            “To create value for all members by providing effective legislative and regulatory advocacy, practical resources, and quality education while fostering an active network and knowledge exchange”

Then our Vision Statement:

            “MMLA is the recognized voice and leading authority of Michigan’s residential mortgage industry. We are a cohesive community of professionals who embrace change and foster innovation to assure professional, ethical and profitable practices in our industry.”

These statements are very powerful and define what business we are in, where we are and the direction on where we want this association to be in the future.

This strategic plan is an outline and with any plan, we are at the beginning of our journey. We feel this will take at least 2 years to fully implement, with next year beginning to roll out some of our desired outcomes. With that, I will be working closely with the 2017 Board of Directors who will assist me in this journey.

            Marc outlined some of the strategies we are implementing, which include getting the word out about our new strategic plan. We want everyone’s buy in so we can encourage greater input by our members. With Jim Wickham’s leadership, we will move MORBANPAC to a higher focus. We will have even better communication through our redesigned website that will be more mobile friendly. We want to improve the volunteer experience to be energizing and empowering. We want to continue to have more diversity and cultural awareness and we want to ramp up staffing to create strong support systems within MMLA.

This journey will be challenging but I am confident with the new board and all of you to assist me in driving the right outcome for our new strategic plan.

As we begin the year, I reach out to all of you for your opinion, assistance, suggestions and direction as we move in to 2017 with a very strong, dedicated organization to be even more successful than we are today.


2017 Platinum Corporate Partners