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President's Report

From the President's Desk

By:  Jim Wickham CMB
2018 MMLA President
Union Home Mortgage Company

Before I turn the reigns over to our incoming President, I just want to thank the board and all those that participated on events and committees.  Being engaged as a board member for the MMLA is a time commitment that also involves some travel and expectations in regards to both PAC and event participation.  Your MMLA board members give of their time, talents, and money to serve – thank you.

We had a 3 year mission between Mark Reneau, Don Precour, and myself to dust off our by-laws and Cannon of Ethics as well as a deep dive into how our association is structured.  We made great progress in redrafting the rules and establishing new routines for the association over the past 3 years.  We built a new strategic plan during Marks tenure, put our plans in motion during Dons year, and made a few tweaks and fine tuning over the past year.  As I stated last year, what sounds good in the board room does not always play out in the real world as hoped.  We made a few more pivots this year, but I step down feeling our mission was accomplished.

Historically, the President of the MMLA has a project each year that goes hand in glove with their year filling this seat.  While Mark, Don, and I took a shared approach the past 3 years – it is has been exciting to see the effort Todd has put forth for 2019 with a new initiative which he will explain shortly.  I know Todd personally and consider him a good friend, we are in good hands moving forward with a strong leader who is both a passionate and competent mortgage banker.  We also have some great additions to our board this year which continues down the path of diversity by having folks with a wide variety of mortgage banking disciplines on our board.  It is critical that we represent the entire membership in all that we do with the MMLA, having a balanced board with perspective of Banks, IMB’s, Brokers, as well as Title and all our wonderful vendors is critical for moving our association forward and leaving no one behind in our travels.

Not enough can be said about the job Joanne has done for years and the contributions in recent years by Trinity.  They are the foundation of the board and do a lot of heavy lifting to make the events flow seamlessly throughout the year.  The support - and in my case hand holding - they give the president each year is both necessary and greatly appreciated.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the board and will greatly miss the increased interaction with Joanne and Trinity that this role has afforded me.  They are amazing people who run this association with the heart and soul of a family business.  It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of the process.  Thank you for your confidence in me years ago when my name was on the ballot, I hope I did not disappoint any of you.   Time to pass the torch; I know you are all in good hands going forward.



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Legislative & MORBANPAC Committee News

Legislative and MORBANPAC Committee Update

by:  Todd Potter, CMB, Chairman
Level One Bank

As we approach, arguably, my favorite Holiday of the year – Thanksgiving – I am thankful for the progress that the MMLA continues to make for our members and the homeowners we represent here in Michigan.  Here are a few noteworthy accomplishments and recognitions:

  • Our renewed partnership with Karoub & Associates has engaged the Legislative Committee and provided structure for monitoring activities in Lansing that directly/indirectly impact our industry. Thank you, Tabitha Zimney, for providing that renewed focus and approach.
  • To the nearly 60 individuals that have contributed to MORBANPAC in 2018, thank you for understanding the need to invest in the future of our industry. A special thank you to Brent Green, CMB and Jim Wickham, CMB for their contribution at the President’s Club level.
  • As of November 1, 2018, our MORBANPAC contributions are $21,738, which represents a 50.3% increase so far over the $14,461 raised in 2017. With the 2018 elections, our goal for 2018 is $35,000, so there is still time to help shape the future housing policy.  These monies will be distributed to support the new faces in Lansing that will make a direct impact in the housing industry.
  • Jim Wickham, CMB has provided outstanding leadership during his term as President in 2018. He will continue to be a mentor to me and advocate on behalf of the MMLA as he moves into his duties as the Immediate Past President.  Jim – Thank you for volunteering your service.
  • Our Chapters, with the support of their Full and Limited Chapter Partner sponsors, did a tremendous job of planning and hosting several successful events in 2018. I was able to attend numerous events and the leadership of each Chapter was on full display to large audiences.  Well done.
  • Lastly, I’m thankful for the leadership that Joanne and Trinity provides to our membership each and every day. Everyone who has had the privilege of working side by side knows and understands how much Joanne and Trinity embrace their role.  With 21 years as Executive Director behind her, Joanne is one of the most recognized and respected state directors throughout the country.  That leadership is envied by the vast majority of other state and regional associations.

I have enjoyed my term of Vice President of the MMLA and I look forward to working with our Board while representing our membership as President in 2019.  I have a few plans/ideas that I look forward to sharing with each of you throughout the year.


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Education Committee News

Education Committee Update
Audrey Acquisti, MMLA Education Consultant
MSource Training & Consulting

TRID – It’s a Journey!

This webinar will highlight several of the challenges lenders are currently tackling while they comply with the latest TRID rule, as well as legacy TILA issues that still have a significant impact on the TRID disclosures.
        - High level TRID 2.0 overview
Disclosures and calculations for construction lending under TRID 2.0
        - Credits and cures
Date:  November 15, 2018
Time:  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM 
(The webinar is scheduled for 60 minutes, please feel free to stay on the line longer if you have any questions you’d like to ask our experts)

Cost:  $29 per site.  You will receive log in information for the webinar with payment, prior to the event. 

Click here for all the details and to register!

Did you miss the MMLA Compliance Seminar that was held in September.  If so, you can still get the information by purchasing access to he recording of the event.  This 4 hour recording includes all four of the featured speaker sessions.  Cost is just $29 to access the recording.  Click here to order your copy, choosing Compliance Seminar Recording.


We are gathering details for now for our 2019 Sales Symposium, tentatively scheduled for March 13 at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.  If you have speaker ideas, please send them to


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Membership and PR Committee

The MMLA Membership & PR Committee
Allison Johnston CMB, Chairperson
Success Mortgage Partners

The membership committee has some exciting news!   The MMLA is starting to use texting options to update everyone on events.    This is a great way to stay in communication with our members. Please be sure your cell phone number is updated in your online membership profile in order to receive these text messages!  sign-in to the MMLA
If you need help logging in, contact

If you have a December 31 renewal date, it is now time to process your dues renewal payment for 2019.  This includes all corporate partner lead contacts.  Simply click here, sign in with your username and password, and follow the screens to complete your renewal.  If you need help signing in, contact   Thank you in advance for your contiued support and participation in the MMLA!  Don’t way until the last minute to renew ????  

Also, if you have some time, please check out our MMLA videos on YouTube.    We are trying different facets of communication to make sure everyone is updated.  

2019 is right around the corner and it is time to get involved.  If you are interested in joining our super fun and amazing membership committee please reach out to Joanne Misuraca at 586-226-2823 or email at

The MMLA has welcomed these 43 new members since September 1, 2018!! 

As a Bronze Corporate Partner!

First Name Last Name Company Name
Lesley Alli Home Point Financial Corporation
Alesha Briley Success Mortgage Partners
Craig Chamberlain Ruoff Home Mortgage
Joy Cluff Ruoff Home Mortgage
Brent Dean Northpointe Bank
Mike Dunn Equity Solutions USA
Blaine Feyen Real Value Group, LLC.
Mary Frisinger Ruoff Home Mortgage
Kirstin Hammond United Wholesale Mortgage
Kathy Helbling Lake Michigan Credit Union
Cody Higley Ruoff Home Mortgage
Michael Jacobs Ruoff Home Mortgage
Ceth Johnson Ruoff Home Mortgage
Megan Johnson Potestivo & Associates, PC
Shanna Johnson Ruoff Home Mortgage
Anthony Kellum Kellum Mortgage
Jodi Lopez Mercantile Bank of Michigan
CC Maciejewski Simple Home Lending
Amy Maier Ruoff Home Mortgage
Nickole Moore Michigan First Mortgage
Frank Noble Ruoff Home Mortgage
Joel Norkus GreenStone Farm Credit Services
Alpay Onder Equity Solutions USA
Michael Orr Equity Solutions USA
Aaron Peek Ruoff Home Mortgage
Fadi Rayes Ruoff Home Mortgage
Alan Robbins Ruoff Home Mortgage
Lori Schafer Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Clark Sexton Ruoff Home Mortgage
Rob Silverstein Ruoff Home Mortgage
Ray Singer Ruoff Home Mortgage
Diane Sotiroff Ruoff Home Mortgage
Rod Sutherlund MiMutual Mortgage, Inc
Valerie VanKlompenberg Mercantile Bank of Michigan

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Mid Chapter News

The Mid Chapter Update
Lisa Haun
Mid Chapter 2018 President
Transnation Title Agency, Inc.

I am astounded at the speed in which this year has passed!  Several of the Mid members attended our banquet at the Athenaeum in Greek Town surrounded by our fellow colleagues.  The food and company were fantastic.  Thank you Joanne, Trinity and all of those committee members that put together this event.

Our final event here in Lansing will be our holiday party at The Marquee in Old Town Lansing.  The East Lansing High School Choir will be there to sing holiday songs while we celebrate our year over a meal together.  We will be donating toys for the holiday to our local Child and Family Charities.  The date for this event is December 12th beginning at 11:30 AM.

I am so happy that we have Nicki VanLake as incoming President for our chapter in 2019.  Having worked with Nicki in the past, I can say with confidence that she is sure to do a phenomenal job at leading us. 

Thank you to all of those Mid members that helped me make this year successful and stress free.  You are all so very appreciated by me!

Join us for the Mid Chapter's Holiday Luncheon at the Old Town Marquee on Wednesday, December 12 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $30 per member and $40 per non-member.

We are looking for event sponsors for our largest chapter event of the year! 

Click here for all the details and to register today!

Meet your MMLA Mid Chapter Leadership Team and Chapter Partners!

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SE Chapter News

SE MMLA President's Corner
Kirk King
Continuity Programs, Inc.

As I reflect over my years with the MMLA, I am truly grateful for this unbelievable opportunity.  I am so pleased that we joined the MMLA shortly after I came to Continuity Programs.  The MMLA has been the best association that our company has ever joined.  Between Joanne Misuraca and Michael Fontana, we felt as welcome as a member of the family at a holiday gathering.  The lender events, educational activities, and the social gatherings have helped more than I can ever quantify.  We have been able to meet and really get to know so many of the mortgage industry’s finest professionals.  We have been able to build relationships with fellow MMLA members that are incredibly strong.  I can text or message literally 50-100 people that will respond back to me within minutes.  These doors would have never been opened cold calling or doing drop-ins.  This has helped us learn the industry, the real industry needs, and has provided access to a huge advisory council that has been willing to sit down and share with us their perspectives. 

When Joanne recommend that I join the SE Board, I was reluctant because I did not want to let anyone down.  I am glad that I jumped in and joined the board in 2016 as the Secretary and Treasury under Dave Acquisti’s leadership.  Dave conducted in-person monthly board meetings, which allowed for incredible experience sharing opportunities.  I was equally impressed in 2017, when Tom Johnston was able to run the board the entire year virtually.  I do not believe that many people travel more than Tom Johnston.  When I took over the SE Board, I ran with a hybrid model of 4 in-person meetings and monthly calls.  For the most part, all leadership styles did work with only very minor hiccups throughout the years. 

As we are all winding down 2018, I can assure you all that I would do it all again.  No matter how much or little you travel, no matter how busy or crazy your work schedules are, there is still a great opportunity for you in volunteering at the MMLA.  I personally was able to leverage the relationships formed through the MMLA to meet one on one with lender executives helping me develop and launch MyCRMDashboard and MGIC Elements.  This specific Mortgage CRM is dominating the industry and generating thousands of leads every week for loan officers to close more deals and feed their families.  I cannot be more proud of our new software and our association with the MMLA.  With just a couple more months until I become “Past President,” I can assure you that the SE Chapter is doing incredibly awesome.  We have exceeded our SE Chapter Goals already.  Trinity Lancione is a rock star.  Joanne is still incredible as usual.  Joanne is always looking after all of us like her own children.  And I am so impressed with Maureen Townson and very happy that she accepted the challenge of SE President for 2019.  You are all in great hands, and I will still see you all at every MMLA event possible.  Please make sure you register for the Holiday Party on December 13th!  The infamous Paula Rosneck knows how to throw a great party. 


2018 MMLA SE Holiday Gala
Thursday, December 13, 2018
6:00pm – 10:00pm
The Iroquois Club, 43248 N. Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills

The MMLA SE Chapter Holiday Party is a long-standing tradition. Over the years, this event has helped raise more than $600,000 for charity!  This year we will be supporting The Ronald McDonald House.  Our Sponsors are key to the support of the MMLA and to our Charity. Please consider sponsoring. Thank you!

Tickets are $80 for members and $90 for non-members.

Click here for all the details and to register and sponsor!

SE MMLA Luncheon Committee
Michael J. Fontana – Chairman
Guaranteed Rate, Inc.

The SE MMLA Chapter hosted its final luncheon for 2018 on October 3 at Maggiano’s in Troy when we had real estate superstar Jeff Glover in attendance.  We were fortunate to have had a record 83 guests in attendance for this event.  A lot of good info was shared with our guests that could be easily implemented rather quickly for those in the sales/origination line of business.  We thank Jeff for taking time out of his busy schedule to spend his early afternoon with us and also thank our guests for spending a couple of hours with us to learn more about what realtors are looking for in a loan officer. 

I have been asked by our new incoming SE MMLA President Maureen Townsen to once again head up the luncheons for the chapter.  At this time, we are working on completing our calendar for 2019 when we look to host another 4 more luncheons, one per calendar quarter.  If you have any specific topics/speakers you want to share, please feel free to reach out to me via phone, text or email.  The calendar is wide open and all new and creative ideas are welcome.  I can be reached at 248-224-5583 or at

See the SE Chapter Leadership Team and Chapter Partners

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West Chapter News

West Chapter Update
Katrina Cole
2018 West Chapter President
Inlanta Mortgage Inc.

The year has flown by quickly with much fun and success from the West Chapter.  With goals to involve all areas of our industry including Realtors and build a consistent participation from our members we feel accomplished.  The Leadership Team worked diligently throughout the year, for large events like our Meet Your Match, Golf Outing and our first Community Event, where a large group of volunteers acquired a dump truck of wood chips and assisted in the Well House garden spreading them along with pulling weeds and cleaning up the many rows of vegetables. 

We continued to build strong ties with our Lakeshore members with a highly successful Happy Hour and Breakfast event on Personal Branding that was well attended by members and their Realtors alike.  

The excitement for our annual Holiday Party is building with a change in venue and flow for a fresh, social focused event.  The Paddock Place is a classic mansion with an ambiance perfectly set for the Holiday Season.  Free valet parking, a strolling dinner to be enjoyed by all, great raffle items and a dynamic photo booth with keep everyone there until closing time.  Attire can be from business to black-tie; so dress up as much as you like!  We continue our support to Well House with them as our Charity for this great event.

Lydia Vanderveen
Holiday Party Committee Chairperson
Arch Mortgage Insurance Co.

Believe it or not, Christmas is just weeks away and so is the annual MMLA West Chapter Holiday Party!! The annual Holiday Party will be held at a NEW Venue, THE PADDACK PLACE 1033 Lake Dr. SE., Grand Rapids, MI. Invite your co-workers, spouses/partners, boyfriend & girlfriends; everyone is invited to attend what is sure to be the best Holiday Party of the year!! 

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsor:    There are still some great sponsor opportunities available!!

We’re bringing back the chance raffle with great prizes for you or for Christmas/Holiday gifts for others.  Are you a Lions Fan??  We have a tailgate package with a Lions theme. Maybe you’re not a sports fan…we have a Capresso SteamPro Expresso & Cappuccino Machine,  Shark Ion Robot vacuum a Ninja Blender just to name a few of the items.   Bring your cash, checkbooks and charge cards to do your holiday shopping and feel good about it because a portion of all proceeds will directly benefit this year’s charity The Well House  The remainder of the proceeds will be used to support MMLA’s programming throughout the year.

Register today and plan on attending the Best Holiday Party of the year!!  Please check out the website  for sponsorship opportunities and NOTE after Monday November 26th the registration fee increases.

 Click here to see the West Chapter Leadership
Team and chapter parters

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