MMLA Member spotlight:  Andrew Clarkson      

Company: Lake Michigan Credit Union

Occupation/Position: Vice President of Regional Mortgage Production

Family: Becky (wife), Grace (8), Ava (6)

Hobbies: Golf, Travel, podcasting – checkout the Mortgage Breakdown on YouTube!

Years in the business: 15

Years as an MMLA member: 5

Why are you involved with the MMLA...what does it mean to you?   I love the comradery. Getting to build a deep squad of industry professionals while staying on top of industry trends.  Really great group of people!

Why you think others should become an MMLA member?  I believe that knowledge is power.  MMLA offers a great platform to stay informed on mortgage industry happenings while connecting you with amazing people.

What is a fun or interesting fact about yourself??   I try to speak French whenever presented with the opportunity.  Allons-y!


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