Frequently Asked Questions About the MMLA

Important answers to important questions!

Welcome to the Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association! You’ve taken a positive step towards enriching your career in the mortgage industry. Now that you are a member you probably have some questions about the association, how to get involved, and how to get the most from your membership. Here are some frequently asked questions with the answers every member should know:

What is the MMLA?

The Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association (MMLA) is a trade association representing more than 1500 individuals from mortgage banking firms, brokers, commercial banks, savings banks, credit unions, mortgage professionals, investors, insurance companies, and others providing products and services to the mortgage industry in the state of Michigan. Since 1929, the MMLA has served as a resource and advocate for the mortgage industry. Recognized as the preeminent Association representing the real estate finance industry in the State of Michigan, the MMLA provides unmatched educational, networking and social opportunities for its members. We also provide a strong and clear legislative voice in Lansing.

May I attend MMLA events anywhere in the state or only those in my local area?

When joining the MMLA you become a member of statewide association. You are teamed up with the chapter most convenient to your location but are welcome and encouraged to attend events held around the state at the discounted member rate.

I don’t have a lot of extra time to attend events. How can I maximize my time?

One of the benefits of a statewide association is the variety it brings to your calendar. A good rule is to attend the meetings in your local area, save the date for the annual 3-day conference and mark your calendar for the educational opportunities that fit your industry niche.

There are so many educational opportunities, how can I justify the time away from work?

You can’t do your job well with old information. And you can’t expect a better tomorrow if you don’t improve yourself today. As a MMLA member, you can expect to learn and grow to enhance your current position by attending events available to you.

How can I connect with other industry professionals, to learn from them and do business with them?

As a member, you’re an insider. Don’t be shy - contact your fellow members. Start by attending a social event. Each social event is designed to help you make connections and start learning something new. Use the knowledge and experience of other members to your advantage. This is where you can make those business-building connections.

How will my membership keep me informed of industry updates?

Your membership provides you the information you need to know to grow your business. You will receive a bi-monthly newsletter, The Mortgage Lender. You will also receive periodic emails regarding upcoming events, legislative updates, and industry news and changes. Our website,, is always full of current information as well.

As an Associate member, what is the best way for me to earn the business of lender members?

We understand that the local connection is what really matters. Get started by attending your local chapter events. Talk to your fellow Associate members to learn what style of networking has worked for them. The best advice you’ll receive is to be actively involved to make the connections that will be meaningful. Get to know the marketing opportunities that are available through sponsorships of MMLA events or advertising opportunities. Like anything in life, you get out of your membership what you put into it. Stay involved, be willing to participate and you will see the results.

There are so many different ways to get involved in the MMLA. What is the best path for me?

Yes, there are many groups to get involved with but don’t be overwhelmed. Start with the committees and choose one that suits your interests. The MMLA has committees in all the local chapters which cover areas such as membership and marketing, social events, golf outings, educational seminars and consumer outreach. Participation on a committee of the MMLA will be a rewarding experience! Your active involvement in the committee system will add value to your membership and provide you with the opportunity for both personal and professional growth. The time commitment is not great but the rewards are!

I know that the MMLA does a lot of lobbing in Lansing, but how does it affect me?

Industry related legislation affects every member of the MMLA. We keep your best interests in mind so you can continue to do the business of lending. MMLA retains the top lobbying firm in the state who work to ensure the passage of pro-mortgage legislation and the adoption of sensible regulations. MMLA also works to ensure mortgage lending-friendly political candidates are elected to office and stay in office. Through MMLA’s bi-partisan support, pro-mortgage lending candidates become serious contenders in elections. You add to the strength of the industry by being a member. MMLA adds strength to your business by safeguarding your interests.  You can further build the industry’s strength by contributing to MORBANPAC, the MMLA’s political action committee. Your involvement ensures that the foundation of our voice is the voice of the individual member.

I know how to run my business but occasionally I run into problems or have questions. Does my membership provide me with the research I need to find answers?

Your MMLA membership IS the answer. MMLA employs expert advisors to help give you timely and relevant answers. Also, our website,, is a complete source for all links relative to the mortgage industry. Your answers are just a phone call or click away.

We hope this answered most of your questions about the MMLA.

Don’t forget that you can always contact the MMLA administrative office for any questions. The staff of the MMLA is at your service. From how to take advantage of leadership opportunities to information about any of the upcoming events, you can count on the staff to serve up the information you need quickly and easily. First-class member service is something you can count on. Let your membership take you from good to great. Let the staff of the MMLA help you to get there!

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